Table 5. Numbers of patients, patient-years, and deaths, mortality rates, and crude RRb for HD patients, compared with PD patients, according to time since the initiation of dialysis (AT censoring strategy)

Time Period (mo)ModalityNo. of PatientsNo. of Patient yrsNo. of DeathsMortality Rate (per 100 patient-yr)RRb (95% CI)a
a A relative risk of death (RR) of <1 indicates a lower mortality rate for HD patients, compared with PD patients; a RR of >1 indicates a higher mortality rate for HD patients, compared to PD patients.
b Crude RR (and 95% CI) according to time period were estimated with a univariate Cox proportional-hazards model, (overall test for modality-time period interactions, Wald χ2 = 11.21; df = 3; P = 0.0107
3 to 12HD742496.57815.72.96 (1.75 to 5.00)
12 to 24HD571471.47115.02.17 (1.31 to 3.59)
24 to 36HD369297.75217.41.23 (0.75 to 2.03)
36 to 48HD228249.13815.20.87 (0.46 to 1.61)