Table 2. Univariate and multivariate association of chronic renal insufficiency with exercise-induced ischemia

No. with Ischemia with Normal Renal FunctionNo. with Ischemia with CRIOdds Ratio95% CIP Value
a Adjusted for age, diabetes, hypertension, ACE inhibitor/ARB use, history of myocardial infarction, serum HDL and LDL levels, history of angioplasty, and history of coronary bypass graft surgery.
b Includes 118 participants with inducible ischemia and 111 randomly selected participants without inducible ischemia.
Unadjusted analysis (n = 431)79392.31.4–3.8<0.01
Adjusted analysisa (n = 409)2.01.2–3.30.01
Adjusted analysisa including CRPb (n = 190)59312.31.0–5.10.04