Table 6. RR of death for PD versus HD among incident ESRD patients with and without preexisting coronary artery disease: as-treated analysisa

Coronary Artery Disease Relative RiskNo Coronary Artery Disease Relative Risk
a The as-treated analyses compared the mortality risks of patients who switched from one modality to another during the follow-up with those remaining on PD (PDo) or HD (HDo) since ESRD start.
b (HDnew) = patients who switched from PD to HD.
c (PDnew) ± patients who switched from HD to PD.
d P < 0.05,
e P < 0.01,
f P < 0.001 compared with RR of 1.00. Model adjusted for all covariates listed in Table 2.
Diabetic population
    HDo (ref)a1.
    PD ▸ HDnewb1.49f1.68f1.24e1.56f
    HD ▸ PDnewc1.50f1.66f1.24e1.45f
Nondiabetic population
    HDo (ref)a1.
    PD ▸ HDnewb1.24d1.43f1.14d1.50f
    HD ▸ PDnewc1.39f1.58f1.021.24f