Table 6. Time-dependent analysisa of risk factors for death. Final Cox model included LVH, age, gender, diabetes, and hemoglobin (model P < 0.0000001)

VariableRelative Risk (95% CI)P
a Extended Cox model in which LVH, BP, hemoglobin, albumin, creatinine clearence are treated as time-depended variables.
LVH2.09 (1.10, 3.98)0.02
Age (per decade)1.89 (1.55, 2.28)<0.001
Female gender0.38 (0.22, 0.65)<0.001
Diabetes3.15 (1.90, 5.23)<0.001
Hemoglobin (per 10 g/L decrease)1.52 (1.37, 1.71)<0.001
Diastolic BP (per 10 mmHg)NSNS
Systolic BP (per 10 mmHg)NSNS
Albumin (per 10 g/L decrease)NSNS
Gault-Cockroft clearance (ml/min)NSNS
Rejection in first yearNSNS
Cadaveric donorNSNS