Table 3. Percentage of variance in health status explained by each comorbidity index (and age) in the modeling population (n = 515) and in the testing population (n = 526)

IndexIndex + AgebIndexIndex + AgebIndexIndex + AgebIndexIndex + Ageb
a P < 0.05.
b Some of the indices have incorporated age, and age was incorporated in these indices in different ways. Therefore, it is difficult to separate the effects of age from the effects of comorbidity diagnoses on health status. For this reason, the analyses were also performed with age next to the index included in the model.
Modelling population
    number of comorbidities
        Davies index7a8a3a3a4a4a10a11a
    survival-based indices
        Khan index8a8a3a4a2a3a11a12a
        Charlson index8a8a1a2a3a3a12a12a
    health status-based indices
        index for PCS13a13a113a3a11a12a
        index for MCS<1410a10a1a3a2a8a
        index for Symptoms4a5a1a110a10a5a8a
        index for Karnofsky7a8a1a1a3a3a18a18a
Testing population
    number of comorbidities
        Davies index8a9a1a1a6a6a8a11a
    survival-based indices
        Khan index8a8a114a4a10a11a
        Charlson index8a9a113a5a10a10a
    health status-based indices
        index for PCS8a9a<1<14a4a7a9a
        index for MCS151a1a111a7a
        index for Symptoms3a5a<1<13a3a1a6a
        index for Karnofsky5a6a<1<11a18a9a