Table 3. Parameters correlating (P) with high CADI score at 1 yr in the US, Tricontinental, and combined studiesa

a P values calculated from multiple linear regression model including all explanatory variables. Delayed graft function is defined as the need for dialysis during the first week posttransplant CMV infection is tissue invasive CMV.
b P < 0.05 are considered significant.
Donor age0.0023*0.00001b0.00001b
Rejection during the first year0.0091*0.00003b0.00001b
CMV infection during the first year0.0056*0.033b0.217
Cold ischemia time0.4070.0850.922
Delayed graft function0.3300.1930.053
No. of total mismatch0.5950.4030.207
Primary disease (diabetes or hypertension)0.6380.7190.485
Male gender0.1030.8460.290
Non-White ethnicity0.7770.2060.357
Panel reactive antibody (latest)0.4640.3110.143