Table 3. Factors associated with malnutritiona in multivariable logistic regression models (n = 1074)

Independent VariablesbMeasured 24-h Urine Creatinine Excluded from ModelMeasured 24-h Urine Creatinine Included in Model
Odds Ratio95% CIP valueOdds Ratio95% CIP value
a Malnutrition was defined as the presence of clinical diagnosis of malnutrition, serum albumin ≤25th percentile (≤2.9), or body mass index ≤10th percentile (≤19.25).
b Variables considered for model that fell out as nonsignificant were: age, gender, race, Medicare insurance, coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, malignancy, lung disease, require assistance to transfer, left ventricular hypertrophy, diabetes as cause of renal failure, and smoking.
MDRD GFR (each 5 ml/min increase)1.211.00 to 1.450.0461.080.89 to 1.320.416
Measured 24-h urine creatinine (each g/d increase)0.490.33 to 0.730.001
Require assistance to eat3.721.40 to 9.850.0083.791.43 to 10.040.007
Require assistance to ambulate1.811.22 to 2.660.0031.621.09 to 2.390.017
AIDS13.572.94 to 62.620.00114.903.21 to 69.290.001
Congestive heart failure1.661.27 to 2.16<0.0011.611.23 to 2.100.001