Table 1. Estimated number and composition of the overall United States population age 30 yr and older and sub-groups with self-reported diabetes mellitus, myocardial infarction or stroke survivors, and incident treated end-stage renal disease cases in 1978 and 1991

US PopulationDiabetes MellitusaHistory of Myocardial Infarction/StrokeaIncident End-Stage Renal Disease
a Data estimated from self-reported medical history in the Second (1978) and Third (1991) National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.
b Estimated from US Census Bureau data.
c Data is based on the 1990 United States Renal Data System’s Case-Mix Adequacy Study.
Total (age ≥ 30 yr), thousands113,200139,900550096008200940012.249.1
Age, yr
    30 to 44, %38b45b1720662316
    45 to 54, %20b18b181413122114
    55 to 64, %19b15b242526222722
    65 to 74, %14b13b242528302330
    75+, %9b9b17172830718
African American, %11a9a15169122730
Male gender, %47a48a414362655554c
Diabetes mellitus, %4.8a6.9a1001001322NA50c
Hypertension, %28a26a55545757NA86c
Myocardial infarction/stroke history, %7.3a6.8a1619100100NA25c