Table 2. Variables influencing renal survivala

VariableUnivariate Analysis
Odds Ratio95% CIP
a SBP, systolic BP; DBP, diastolic BP. Proteinuria decrease means the percentage of reduction in urinary protein excretion between baseline and 1 yr.
Age at baseline0.970.92 to 1.020.35
Gender1.090.30 to 3.910.89
SCr at baseline1.030.98 to 1.060.56
Creatinine clearance at baseline1.020.99 to 1.050.18
SBP at baseline1.010.97 to 1.040.54
DBP at baseline0.980.93 to 1.050.78
Proteinuria at baseline0.900.52 to 1.570.73
Proteinuria decrease0.980.96 to 0.990.025
Treatment with enalapril0.110.02 to 4.990.0063