Table 1. Clinical characteristics of CHP Family #177a

GPIDAffection StatusAge (yr) (at presentation)GenderHypertensionProteinuria (spot) and 24 hHematuria (dipstick)BUN (mg/dl)Serum Creatinine (mg/dl)ESRD and Donor StatusAudiometry
a GPID, Generation and person identification (as shown in Figure 1). Affection status: 0, unknown, 1, unaffected, 2, affected. SNHD, sensorineural hearing deficit; BUN, blood urea nitrogen; Tx, renal transplantation.
I:1172MNone1+NilNot Done
II:3146FNil160 mg/dNil20.81.2Donor to II:15Normal
II:5244M?2+10 to 15/hpfNot Done?
II:7040FNil36 mg/dNil27.70.99Donor to II:11Low and high frequency
30 dB SNHD
II:9238 (30)M2 yr3 to 4+30 to 40/hpf221Mild renal failureHigh frequency
II:11235 (25)M6 yr3 to 4+40 to 50/hpf639.5ESRD/TxLow and high frequency
40–50dB SNHD
II:13233 (27)M5 yr2 to 3+>100/hpf222.6Mild renal failureHigh frequency
II:15229 (14)M7 to 8 yr4+>100/hpf905.9ESRD/TxNot Done
III:2122MNilNilNilNot DoneNot Done
III:3018FDied of Snake bite after the study was initiated
III:4217MNil1 to 2+1+0.9Low frequency
30 dB SNHD
III:7122MNilNilNilNot DoneNot Done
III:10010MNil56 mg/dNil110.8Low frequency
30 dB SNHD
III:11113MNil45 mg/dNil131.02Normal
III:12115FNilNilNilNot Done
III:1607FNil79 mg/dNil110.72Normal
III:1704MNil103 mg/dNil120.76Normal
III:1802FNil85 mg/dNil100.68Normal
III:1928MNil2+4+0.7Low and high frequency
25–40dB SNHD
III:2003FNil1–2+NilNot DoneNot Done