Table 3. Breakdown of infection-related events by disease category

Disease CategoryAll Infection-Related Hospitalizationsa1st Infection-Related HospitalizationsaInfection-Related Deaths
FreqPercentbAnnual RateFreqPercentbAnnual RateFreqPercentAnnual Rate
a A single hospitalization may receive up to four diagnosis codes, such that the same hospitalization may be counted more than once. Only infection-related diagnosis codes are counted in each category.
b Percent is calculated out of the total number of all infection-related hospitalizations (1698), or total number of 1st inf. hospitalizations (783).
c Includes septic shock, bacteremia, or abscess not falling into another disease category.
Cardiac disease482.81.0232.90.6105.00.2
Peripheral vascular disease17610.43.6678.61.82713.40.5
Diabetes mellitus and endocrine disorders1015.92.1405.
Respiratory disease37221.97.718423.55.04120.40.8
Hepatobiliary disease211.20.4141.80.463.00.1
Musculoskeletal or connective tissue dis704.11.4334.20.952.50.1
Nonvascular nervous system disease70.
Urinary tract disease623.71.3314.00.831.50.1
Hemodialysis vascular access complications39223.18.119625.05.33416.90.6
Infections of unknown sourcec58734.612.125031.96.86130.31.2