Table 4. Percent of infection-related hospitalizations that ended with deatha by any cause

Disease CategoryAll Infectious Hospitalizations1st Infectious Hospitalizations
a Deaths within 3 d after the discharge date are included.
b Includes septic shock, bacteremia, or abscess not falling into another disease category.
Cardiac disease4829.22330.4
Peripheral vascular disease17610.36717.9
Diabetes mellitus and endocrine disorders1019.94010.0
Respiratory disease37217.518415.8
Hepatobiliary disease2114.31414.3
Musculoskeletal or connective tissue dis7011.4339.1
Nonvascular nervous system disease70.040.0
Urinary tract disease629.7313.2
Hemodialysis vascular access complications3926.91967.1
Infections of unknown sourceb58726.625025.6