Table 1. Clinical data of the patients with familial steroid sensitive INSa

FamilyIndividualGenderPredominant symptoms at presentationAge at Renal Biopsy (yr)Symptoms at Last Examination
Age at Onset (yr)PU (g/24 h)HUCreatinine (mg/dl)Creatinine (mg/dl)PU (mg/m2 per h)
a INS, idiopathic nephrotic syndrome; PU, proteinuria; HU, hematuria; ND, not determined. All patients presented with edema during the acute phase. BP was normal in all patients at onset of disease, as well as at last examination.
INS 6II:1M5.53.3Neg0.50MCNS (7.5)0.6813
II:2F4.210.0ND0.45MCNS (5)0.64120
INS 51II:1M5.33.8Neg0.34ND0.34Neg
INS 52II:1M1.711.8Neg0.30ND0.30Neg