Table 4. Results of multivariate analysis of predictors of proteinuria, hematuria, and renal impairment

VariableProteinuriaaHematuriabRenal Impairment
Odds ratiocP-valueOdds ratioP-valueOdds ratioP-value
a Proteinuria defined as urine protein to creatinine ratio 0.20 mg/mg or greater.
b Hematuria defined by >1+ hematuria on dipstick confirmed by urine microscopy of >10,000 RBC/ml or repeat >1 + hematuria on dipstick Low GFR defined as GFR <60 ml/min per 1.73 m2
c Odds ratio is adjusted for other variables in the table found to be associated on univariate analysis. 95% confidence interval in parentheses.
d Diabetes mellitus defined as a known diagnosis of diabetes mellitus or fasting plasma glucose ≥7 mmol/L or 2-h plasma glucose ≥11.0 mmol/L on oral glucose tolerance test.
e Hypertension defined as systolic blood pressure ≥140 mmHg or diastolic blood pressure ≥90 mmHg, or use of blood pressure lowering drugs irrespective of the blood pressure.
Age ≥65 yr (versus <65 yr)2.5 (1.9, 3.2)<0.000101.5 (61.4, 162.9)<0.001
Female gender (versus male gender)3.9 (2.8, 5.3)<0.0011.3 (1.0, 1.7)0.012
Diabetes mellitusd (versus no diabetes mellitus)2.5 (1.8, 3.5)<0.0010.5 (0.3, 0.8)0.0080.9 (0.7, 1.1)0.308
Hypertensione (versus normotension)3.1 (2.3, 4.1)<0.0011.4 (1.2, 1.6)<0.001