Table 1. Metabolic syndromea

NCEP-ATP III Criteria (Three of Following Five Needed to Make the Diagnosis)WHO Criteria (Modified; Hyperinsulinemia [Highest Quartile for Non-Type 2 Diabetes] or FPG ≥110 mg/dl and Two of the Following)
a NCEP-ATP III, National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III; WHO, World Health Organization; FPG, fasting plasma glucose.
BP130/85 (or on medication)140/90 (or on medication)
Triglycerides≥150 mg/dl≥150 mg/dl
HDL<40 (men) or <50 (women)<35 (men) or <40 (women)
Abdominal obesityWaist >40 in (men) or >35 in (women)Waist-hip ratio >0.9 (men) or >0.85 (women) or BMI ≥30
FPG≥110 mg/dl
MicroalbuminuriaUrinary albumin excretion rate >20 μg/min