Table 1. Predictive variables related to renal survival at multivariate Cox regression analysisa

VariableBSEWaldP ValueRR95% CI for RR
a B, regression coefficient; SE, standard error of B; Wald, Wald statistic; CI, confidence interval; RR, relative risk.
Steroid treatment (yes vs no)−2.3981.1104.6670.0310.090.010.80
Total histologic score (for each point increase)0.1950.0855.2130.0221.221.031.44
Proteinuria reduction at 6 mo (for each g/d)−0.5380.2245.7530.0160.580.30.91
At least 1 g proteinuria increase at last follow-up versus mean follow-up value2.3080.68311.4330.00110.062.6438.34
Total histologic score by steroid treatment interaction−0.0390.2150.0330.8560.960.631.47