Table 1. Histologic grading of the renal biopsy scorea

GradeScoreGlomerular Sclerosis (%)Tubular Atrophy (%)Interstitial Fibrosis (%)Vascular Damage
Vascular Fibrous Intimal Thickening (% Diameter Lumen Reduction)Arteriolar Hyaline Thickening (% Diameter Lumen Reduction)
a The degree of chronic lesions in each compartment of renal tissue (glomeruli, tubules, interstitium, and vessels) was scored semiquantitatively (0 to 3). Vascular damage was evaluated separately for arteries and arterioles, and the final score of vascular compartment was represented by the highest score of either arteries or arterioles. The global histologic score of each biopsy specimen resulted from the sum of individual scores achieved in each of the four compartments considered (maximal global histological score, 12).