Table 3. Unadjusted analysis of factors associated with allograft failure

Hazard Ratio95% CIP
a Time-varying term throughout the first year post-transplant.
    age (per 5 yr)1.000.92 to 1.100.94
    female (versus male)1.681.08 to 2.620.02
    non-white (versus white)1.550.96 to 2.490.07
    age (per 5 yr)1.000.91 to 1.110.97
    female (versus male)1.380.73 to 2.620.33
    non-white (versus white)1.600.99 to 2.580.05
Preemptive (versus non-preemptive)0.420.21 to 0.810.01
Cause of ESRD (versus diabetes)0.34
    hypertension0.810.41 to 1.89
    glomerulonephritis0.560.32 to 0.99
    interstitial0.890.39 to 2.07
    polycystic0.330.08 to 1.41
    other0.740.38 to 1.43
Donor unrelated (versus related)1.410.81 to 2.460.23
Six HLA match0.630.31 to 1.270.20
(versus 0 to 5 HLA Match)
Calcineurin inhibitor at time of discharge from transplantation (versus cyclosporine)
    none0.930.34 to 2.570.89
    tacrolimus0.950.46 to 2.010.89
Acute rejection in first yeara (versus None)2.961.92 to 5.770.001
Systolic BPa (per 5 mm Hg)1.050.98 to 1.120.17
Diastolic BP* (per 5 mm Hg)1.050.93 to 1.180.43
Mean arterial BPa (per 5 mm Hg)1.070.96 to 1.190.23
Pulse Pressurea (per 5 mm Hg)1.060.98 to 1.140.12
Serum creatininea (per 0.5 mg/dl)1.261.20 to 1.330.001
Estimated creatinine clearance* (per 5 ml/min)0.910.86 to 0.960.001