Table 4. Multivariable analysis

Mean Arterial BPSystolic BPDiastolic BP
HR (per mm Hg)95% CIPHR (per mm Hg)95% CIPHR (per mm Hg)95% CIP
a Per (mmHg).
b Per Ln(mm Hg).
c Per (mmHg) × Ln(mmHg).
First term for BP1.051.02 to 1.090.0021.031.01 to 1.050.0040.01a0.001 to 0.280.007
Second term for BP0.19b0.08 to 0.490.0010.27b0.12 to 0.600.0022.39c1.27 to 4.490.007
Unrelated donor (versus related)1.800.91 to 3.560.091.820.92 to 3.580.091.690.85 to 3.370.13
Recipient gender (versus male)1.791.03 to to to 3.160.04
Preemptive transplant (versus non-preemptive)0.390.19 to 0.810.010.390.18 to 0.810.010.390.19 to 0.830.01
Estimated creatinine clearance (per Ln [ml/min])0.530.38 to 0.750.0010.530.37 to 0.740.0010.530.37 to 0.740.001
Acute rejection in the first year (versus none)3.311.40 to 7.830.0073.161.33 to 7.500.0093.511.46 to 8.400.005