Table 2. Comparison of event outcomes between randomized groupsa

Low versus UsualRamipril versus MetoprololMetoprolol versus AmlodipineRamipril versus Amlodipine
RR95% CIRR95% CIRR95% CIRR95% CI
a RR, relative risk; CI, confidence interval.
b P < 0.05.
50% reduction in GFR, ESRD, or death (G1)1.05(0.86–1.29)0.80b(0.64–0.998)0.92(0.68–1.25)0.69b(0.50–0.94)
Doubling Scr, ESRD, or death (S1)0.88(0.70–1.10)0.76b(0.59–0.98)0.78(0.55–1.10)0.62b(0.43–0.88)
50% reduction in GFR or ESRD (G2)1.11(0.89–1.40)0.78(0.59–1.02)0.76(0.53–1.09)0.60b(0.41–0.86)
Doubling of Scr or ESRD (S2)0.90(0.69–1.18)0.75b(0.56–0.998)0.70(0.47–1.04)0.58b(0.39–0.87)