Table 1. Randomized trials evaluating N-acetylcysteine for the prevention of radiocontrast-induced nephropathya

Lead AuthornPlacebo Group RCIN (%)Renal Entry Criteria Scr (mg/dl)/CrCl (ml/min)Oral NAC DoseContrast ProcedureCountry
a TP, Tepel Protocol, 600 mg orally twice daily on the day before and the day of the procedure; IV, intravenous; NAC, N-acetylcysteine; RCIN, Radiocontrast-induced nephropathy; Coronary cath., coronary catheterization; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention; Angio, angiography.
Positive studies
    Baker8021IV DoseCoronary cath. +/− PCIUK
    Diaz-Sandoval5445>1.4/<50TPCoronary cath. +/− PCIUS
    Kay20012.2>1.2/<60TPCoronary cath. +/− PCIChina
    Shyu12124.6>2/<40400 mg bd × 2dCoronary cath. +/− PCITaiwan
Negative studies
    Allaqaband8515>1.6/<60TPCoronary cath. +/− PCIUS
    Boccalandro17912.3>1.2/<50TPCoronary cath. +/− PCIUS
    Briguori18311>1.2/<70TPCoronary cath. +/− PCI and peripheral angioItaly
    Durham7922>1.71200 mg bd × 1dCoronary cath. +/− PCIUS
    Goldenberg807.7>1.5600 mg td × 2dCoronary cath. +/− PCIIsrael
    Loutriakis4713>1.5TPCoronary cath. +/− PCIUS
    Oldemeyer966.4CrCl < 50 ml/min1500 mg bd × 2dCoronary cath. +/− PCIUS
    Vallero200>1.2TPCoronary cath. +/− PCIItaly