Table 3. Proposed case definitions of suspected or proven anti-EPO antibody induced PRCA in patients treated with epoetin

Loss of Efficacy of EpoetinaReticulocytes < 10,000/mm3Bone Marrow Examination Showing < 5% ErythroblastsbDemonstration of Anti-EPO Antibodies
a Treatment with epoetin for at least several weeks, plus Hb ↓ of approximately 1 g/dl per wk while receiving a constant or increased dose of epoetin or requirement for RBC transfusions.
b In otherwise normal marrow.
c n.d., not documented.
Clinically suspected
Suspected case with bone marrow confirmed PRCAYesYesYesn.d.
Suspected case with anti-EPO antibodiesYesYesn.d.Yes
Proven case of anti-EPO antibody induced PRCAYesYesYesYes