Table 3. Number and types of publications in major nephrology journals in 2001

JournalTotal Number of PublicationsBasic Research Articles (%)Reviews and Editorials (%)Othera (%)Publications Dealing with Intervention Questionsb (%)Number of RCTc (%)Proportion of Intervention Questionsb Addressed by RCT n (%)
a Case reports, non-experimental pathology, clinical research not dealing with intervention questions.
b Publications whereby a question is formulated in terms of a relationship between the patient, some “exposure” to a treatment, and one or more specific outcomes of interest.
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology291204 (70.1)13 (4.4)57 (19.5)17 (5.8)9 (3.0)9/12 (75.0)
Kidney International429294 (68.5)34 (7.9)79 (18.4)22 (5.1)12 (2.7)12/22 (54.5)
American Journal of Kidney Diseases23851 (21.4)26 (10.9)117 (49.1)34 (14.2)11 (4.6)11/34 (32.3)