Table 1. Main characteristics of the patient populationa

a Data are expressed as mean ± standard deviation. For noncontinuous values, results are numbers of patients.
b Urea Kt/V was calculated according to the second Daugirdas formula.
No. of patients250
Age (yr)60.4 ± 14.9
Gender (men/women)145/105
Underlying renal diseases
    glomerulonephritis59 (23.6%)
    interstitial nephropathy43 (17.2%)
    vascular nephropathy31 (12.4%)
    diabetes mellitus39 (15.6%)
    polycystic kidney disease21 (8.4%)
    other20 (8%)
    unknown37 (14.8%)
Dialysis modalities
    time on dialysis (yr)7.54 ± 7.22
    type of dialysis membrane at time of study
        modified cellulose87 (34.8%)
        synthetic163 (65.2%)
    dialysis dose, as assessed by urea Kt/Vb1.46 ± 0.36
    dialysis time per week (h)12.45 ± 1.02
    bicarbonate dialysis223 (89.2%)
    acetate-free biofiltration27 (10.8%)
One-yr follow-up findings
    global death36 (14.4%)
    major adverse cardiac events33 (13.2%)