Table 1. Reported adverse events

StudyInfliximab Doses (n)Adverse EventComment/Treatment
Time (wk)Nature
a CHOP, chemotherapy, oncology, and pharmacology.
I26Death (pulmonary hemorrhage)No infection discovered
I418Death (bronchopneumonia)Leukopenia (white blood cell count 3.6/L)
I410 and 30BronchopneumoniaKnown bronchiectasis
(Haemophilus influenzae)
I410Urinary tract sepsisKlebsiella (creatinine 425 ╬╝mol/L)
II839Leg abcessSurgical drainage required, (MRSA isolated)
II730EndophthalmitisEvisceration of the eye
(Nocardia farcinica)
II839Skin ulcer/urinary tract infectionStaphylococcus aureus/Escherichia coli
II837Diarrheal illnessContinued therapy
II26B cell lymphomaChemotherapy
I26Pulmonary embolusWarfarin
I10Axillary vein thrombosisWarfarin