Table 3. Multivariable parametric modela of post-ACS mortality (N = 7213)b

HR(95% CI)P Value
a The following covariates fell out of the model: current smoker, cardiac arrest, diabetes as cause of renal failure, and peripheral vascular disease. Previous history of coronary artery disease was not included in the model because all patients included had an ACS event.
b PD, peritoneal dialysis; HD, hemodialysis.
BMI groups
    normal BMI (18.5–24.9 kg/m2)Ref
    low BMI (<18.5 kg/m2)1.05(0.92–1.21)0.441
    high BMI (≥25 kg/m2)0.93(0.87–1.00)0.064
UCr groups
    >0.92 g/dRef
    0.71–0.92 g/d1.15(1.04–1.27)0.005
    0.54–0.70 g/d1.25(1.12–1.38)<0.001
    ≤0.53 g/d1.33(1.20–1.48)<0.001
Dialysis type: PD versus HD1.17(1.05–1.31)0.005
Each decade increase in age1.25(1.20–1.30)<0.001
Gender: female versus male1.13(1.06–1.22)0.001
Black versus white0.90(0.82–0.99)0.028
Other races versus white0.86(0.75–1.00)0.051
Cerebrovascular disease1.10(1.00–1.21)0.042
Congestive heart failure1.14(1.07–1.22)<0.001
Serum albumin0.91(0.86–0.97)0.002