Table 1. Distribution of baseline patient and treatment characteristics by intervention status in 41 ESRD Network 6 dialysis treatment centers enrolled in a hemodialysis adequacy quality improvement project, 2001–2002a

CharacteristicIntervention (n = 21)Comparison (n = 20)P
a ESRD, end-stage renal disease; URR, urea reduction ratio.
Mean number of patients106.5102.20.8
Mean patient age (yr)58.659.10.6
Male (%)
White race (%)29.930.50.9
Diabetic ESRD (%)38.936.80.4
Myocardial infarction (%)
Congestive heart failure (%)
Angina (%)18.817.70.7
Catheter for access (%)25.330.20.3
Mean URR68.168.20.9
Mean blood flow (cc/min)398.7384.40.2
Mean dialysis time (min)211.4215.00.5