Table 2. Average pre- and post-intervention values for the studied outcome and process measures by intervention status among 41 treatment centers in ESRD Network 6 enrolled in a hemodialysis adequacy quality improvement project, 2001–2002

Outcome/Process MeasureInterventionComparison
a The average of each center’s post-minus pre-intervention values.
b P < 0.05. Test of the hypothesis that the average pre minus post differences between intervention and comparison centers are not equal.
URR ≥6575.085.410.370.780.49.6
Dialyzed prescribed time61.469.37.960.170.39.0
Dialyzed with prescribed dialyzer97.−1.0
Dialyzed at prescribed blood flow47.660.412.958.254.2−4.1b
Dialyzed at prescribed dialysate flow rate87.689.72.194.392.7−1.8
Review of adequacy documented in chart36.066.930.944.425.4−17.5b
Prescription change based on adequacy29.020.4−8.631.822.2−8.4