Table 1. Graft survival (%)a

TimeSRL-CsA-ST (n = 215)SRL-ST (n = 215)Difference (95% CI)
a SRL, sirolimus; CsA, cyclosporine; ST, steroids; CI, confidence interval.
b Patients lost to follow-up were counted as events.
c Cumulative data analysis assumes that patients without reported graft loss had functioning grafts.
36 mob85.191.2−6.0 (−12.1 to 0.0)
    graft loss7.03.3
    death with functioning graft4.73.7
    lost to follow-up3.31.9
Cumulativeb,c (up to 54 mo)81.489.8−8.4 (−15.0 to −1.8)
    graft loss7.93.3
    death with functioning graft6.54.2
    lost to follow-up4.22.8