Table 2. Follow-up data on residual renal function and adequacy measures

3 Month6 Month12 Month18 Month24 Month30 Month36 Month
a HD, hemodialysis.
b Coefficient of variation = SD/mean * 100%.
c Net fluid balance = mean [interdialytic weight gain − ultrafiltration], expressed in ml/wk.
No. of patients at risk740696571476372299233
No. of patients with data on adequacy (dialysis Kt/Vurea)740636522405321251195
Dialysis sp-Kt/Vurea (/wk)2.722.963.193.373.503.533.59
    coefficient of variation (%)b30282924242422.3
Renal Kt/Vurea (/wk)0.700.610.480.430.340.320.32
    coefficient of variation (%)83101104114136130172
Prevalence of anuric patients (%)11.518.625.535.144.552.258.1
Mean no. of weekly hours of HDa9.39.610.010.410.710.811.0
    5 to 95% percentiles6–126–127–127–128–13.58–13.58–13.5
HD frequency: ≥3 versus ≤2 (/wk; %)57626875798082
Interdialytic weight gain (ml/wk)3,7564,1084,5424,9505,5855,3755,481
    coefficient of variation (%)78666463504651
Ultrafiltration (ml/wk)3,7564,1474,5504,9405,5055,4105,539
    coefficient of variation (%)78666363494450
Net fluid balance (ml/wk)c0−40−8+10+80−36−58
    5 to 95% percentiles−800–+800−750–+700−625–+600−550–+700−450–+800−1000–+700−1000–+800