Table 3. Multivariate Cox regression model on patient survival

Adjusted Relative Risks of Death (n = 740/238 Death Events)
RR95% CIP Value
a The residual renal function (rKt/Vurea) and dose of dialysis (sp-dKt/Vurea) were included as time-dependent variables. RR, relative risk; CI, confidence interval.
b To convert albumin in g/dl to g/L, multiply by 10.
Age at entry (yr)1.031.02 to 1.05<0.0001
Male gender0.840.64 to 1.100.2098
Davies’ comorbidity score at entry
    high4.743.04 to 7.40<0.0001
    intermediate2.351.63 to 3.39
    low1.00 ref
Primary kidney disease0.0855
    diabetes1.430.98 to 2.09
    glomerulonephritis0.670.38 to 1.20
    renal vascular disease1.180.86 to 1.62
    others1.00 ref
Albumin baseline (for each 0.1 g/dl increase)b0.980.95 to 1.010.1355
SGA (scale 1–7) at baseline0.890.80 to 0.990.0389
BMI (kg/m2)0.960.93 to 0.990.0252
Residual rKt/Vurea (/wk)0.440.30 to 0.65<0.0001
Dialysis sp-dKt/Vurea (/wk)0.760.64 to 0.920.0035