Table 4. Multivariate Cox regression models with residual renal Kt/Vurea, delivered Kt/Vurea, and the net fluid balance as independent predictors of survivala

Adjusted RR
RR95% CIP Value
a The shown RR are adjusted for age, Davies’ comorbidity score, primary kidney disease, SGA, and BMI. The rKt/Vurea, the dKt/Vurea, and the net fluid balance were entered as time-dependent variables.
b A negative value indicates an excessive ultrafiltration; a positive value indicates an ultrafiltration that is too low in comparison with the interdialytic weight gain.
rKt/Vurea (/wk)<0.0001
    017.664.98 to 62.61
    >0 to 0.841.671.06 to 2.64
    >0.841.0 ref
sp-dKt/Vurea (/wk)
    if rKt/Vurea = 00.540.40 to 0.72<0.0001
    if rKt/Vurea > 00.900.72 to 1.120.3395
Net fluid balance (ml/wk)b0.0021
    ≤−3002.171.46 to 3.22
    >−300 to ≤−501.240.82 to 1.86
    >−50 to ≤671.00 ref
    >67 to ≤3001.310.85 to 2.00
    >3001.350.88 to 2.07