Table 2. Methods of evaluation for dementia, by serum creatinine levela

Non-Elevated CreatinineElevated Creatinineb
Total with Detailed Dementia Evaluation (n = 1652)Incident Dementia Cases (n = 407)Total with Detailed Dementia Evaluation (n = 214)Incident Dementia Cases (n = 70)
a Subjects screened as low-risk for dementia are not included in the calculations of frequencies and percentages.
b Serum creatinine ≥1.3 mg/dl for females and ≥1.5 mg/dl for males.
In-center evaluation with neuropsychiatric testing901 (54.5%)18178 (36.5%)24
Non-center evaluation—deceased365 (22.1%)12193 (43.5%)34
Non-center evaluation—refused in-center visit386 (23.4%)10543 (20%)12