Table 3. Twenty most common primary ICD-9-CM codesa

Diagnosis CodeDescriptionN% of First Hospitalizations
a ICD-9-CM, International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification.
996.1Mechanical complication of other (noncardiac) vascular device, implant, and graft24239.8%
585Chronic renal failure21328.6%
996.70, 73, and 74Other complications of internal prosthetic device, implant, and graft14015.6%
276.6Fluid overload8243.3%
428Congestive heart failure8153.3%
786.5Chest pain7523.0%
038.9Unspecified septicemia6302.5%
578Gastrointestinal hemorrhage3561.4%
999.9Other and unspecified complications of medical care2711.1%
681–682Cellulitis and abscess2581.0%
443Peripheral vascular disease2391.0%
427.5Cardiac arrest2310.9%
996.62Infection and inflammatory reaction as a result of other (noncardiac) vascular device, implant, and graft2280.9%
787.01Nausea with vomiting2050.8%
410Acute myocardial infarction1980.8%
413Angina pectoris1710.7%