Table 1. Participant characteristics by estimated GFR in the Digitalis Intervention Group triala

CharacteristicGFR <30 (N = 218)GFR 30 to 60 (N = 2939)GFR >60 (N = 3643)P Value
a NYHA, New York Heart Association; ACE, angiotensin-converting enzyme.
Median age (yr)7268600.0001
Male gender (%)5473820.0001
White race (%)9491800.0001
Median serum creatinine (mg/dl)
Median GFR (ml/min per 1.73 m2)2750730.0001
Median systolic BP (mmHg)1301251200.0001
Median heart rate (beats/min)8078800.08
Median body mass index2626270.0001
Median ejection fraction (%)2829290.74
Median duration of heart failure (mo)1318150.02
Median cardiothoracic ratio0.540.530.520.0001
NYHA functional class
Medical history (%)
    previous myocardial infarction6669620.0001
    current angina3128250.009
    previous digoxin use (%)4543450.35
Concomitant medications (%)
    ACE inhibitors8894960.0001
    other vasodilators10430.0001
Dose of study medication prescribed (%)
    0.125 mg/d6325100.0001
    0.250 mg/d377271
    ≥0.375 mg/d0320