Table 1.

Correlation coefficients between various models and proteinuria, glomerular volume, and glomerular number

ProteinuriaGlomerular VolumeGlomerular Number
Group and genderr = 0.885ar = 0.768ar = 0.762a
Group, gender, and birth weightr = 0.899ar = 0.778ar = 0.772a
Group, gender, and glomerular numberr = 0.887ar = 0.824a
Group, gender, and glomerular volumer = 0.913a
Group, gender, glomerular number, and birth weightr = 0.900ar = 0.827a
Group, gender, glomerular volume, and birth weightr = 0.921a
Group, gender, glomerular volume, glomerular number, and birth weightr = 0.922a
  • a P < 0.001.