Table 1.

Peptides pCol(28–40), derivatives used in this study and their immune properties and nephritogenicity

PeptideSequenceT Cell Epitope (Restriction)B Cell EpitopeaNephritogenic
pCol(28–40)QTTANPACPEGTIdentical (RT.1Bl)IdenticalYes
FITC-Ash-pCol(28–40)bFITC-Ash-SQTTANPACPEGTIdentical (RT.1Bl)IdenticalYes
pCol(34A)cSQTTANAACPEGTAltered (RT.1Bl)IdenticalNo
  • a Antibody to this B cell epitope only reacts with the peptide but not with native glomerular basement membrane (GBM).

  • b Used as a probe.

  • c pCol34A, pCol(28–40) with single alanine substitution at position 34.