Table 2.

In vitro production of antibodies from different sources of lymphocytes and their specificity to pCol(28–40) or GBMa

Cell SourceIgG(μg/4 × 107 Cells)Antibody to pCol(28–40) (O.D.490nm)Antibody to GBM
pCol(28–40)-immunized WKY
pCol34A-immunized WKY
  • a Three independent experiments were performed, and only one experiment is shown; the other two have similar results. ILN, inguinal lymph nodes; RDLN, renal draining lymph node.

  • b For indirect immunofluorescence detection of anti-GBM antibodies, see Figure 3.

  • c IgG concentrations was adjusted to 10 ng/ml; the same concentration of normal rat IgG was used as control for background.