Table 2.

Rates of ARF according to type of HCTa

HCT TypeStudyYearModerate to Severe ARFbARF Requiring RRTMortality if RRT
    allogeneicZager et al. (82)198953%24%84% (2 mo)
Gruss et al. (122)199536%24%77.8% (3 mo)
Parikh et al. (84)200269%33%82.6% (6 mo)
Hahn et al. (83)200378%20.6%90% (d 100)
    autologousMerouani et al. (85)199621%6.8%18.4%
NonmyeloablativeParikh et al. (86)200440.44.4%>70% (6 mo)
  • a ARF, acute renal failure; RRT, renal replacement therapy.

  • b Moderate to severe ARF is defined as at least a doubling of the serum creatinine regardless of whether RRT was required.