Table 2.

Sensitivity, specificity, PPV, and NPV of the most discriminative threshold levels of urinary proteins and creatinine clearance in the prediction of renal failurea

Uβ2m0.9470.5 μg/min88%91%88%91%
UIgG0.876250 mg/24 h88%88%85%90%
Uα1m0.95640 μg/min84%94%91%88%
Uexc albumin0.8962.8 mg/min92%69%70%92%
Uexc transferrin0.906350 μg/min80%84%80%84%
Proteinuria0.8988 g/24 h88%72%71%89%
ECC 24 h0.74180 ml/min per 1.73 m264%81%73%74%
Serum creatinine0.8331 mg/dl76%81%76%81%
Serum albumin0.9132.2 g/dl80%97%95%86%
    high Uβ2m + high UIgG0.5 μg/min + 250 mg/24 h83%97%95%89%
    high Uβ2m + low serum albumin0.5 μg/min + 2.2 g/dl75%100%100%84%
    high Uα1m + high UIgG40 μg/min + 250 mg/24 h76%94%91%83%
    high Uα1m + low serum albumin40 μg/min + 2.2 g/dl72%100%100%82%
  • a Uexc, urinary excretion; α1m, α1-microglobulin; SI, selectivity index; PPV, positive predictive value; NPV, negative predictive value.