Table 3.

Characteristics of interaction between OAT4 C-terminus and PDZK1 PDZ domain 1, domain 4, or NHERF1 PDZ domain 1a

Constructka (1/mM per s)kd (1/min)KD (μM)
PDZK1-PDZ19.4 × 1033.4 × 10−30.036
PDZK1-PDZ46.8 × 1027.9 × 10−41.2
NHERF1-PDZ12.7 × 1021.1 × 10−342
  • a The kinetic characteristics of the interaction with immobilized GST-fused OAT4 C-terminus with the first and fourth PDZ domains of PDZK1 (PDZ1, 4) and the first PDZ domain of NHERF1 fused with maltose-binding protein measured by surface plasmon resonance methods are summarized. Association rate constants (ka), dissociation rate constants (kd), and equilibrium dissociation constants (KD = kd/ka) are given.