Table 2.

AER geometric means (adjusted linear regression models)a

Geometric Mean95% CIP
    adjusted for age
        European4.64.3 to 4.8Reference group
        South Asian4.34.0 to 4.60.11
        African Caribbean6.15.5 to 6.7<0.001
    adjusted for age, fasting glucose, glucose tolerance categoryb, SBPc, BMI, and manual occupation
        European4.84.5 to 5.0Reference group
        South Asian4.13.9 to 4.40.001
        African Caribbean5.75.2 to 6.30.002
    adjusted for age
        European3.33.1 to 3.6Reference group
        South Asian3.43.0 to 3.80.80
        African Caribbean5.75.2 to 6.2<0.001
    adjusted for age, glucose tolerance categoryb, SBPc, BMI, and height
        European3.73.3 to 4.1Reference group
        South Asian3.73.2 to 4.40.94
        African Caribbean5.64.9 to 6.3<0.001
  • a SBP, systolic BP.

  • b Normoglycemia, impaired fasting glucose/impaired glucose tolerance, and diabetes (World Health Organization 1999 criteria [22]).

  • c Quartiles of SBP (treated hypertension ranked in upper quartile).