Table 2.

Cox proportional hazards models for relationship of cystatin C and eGFR to noncardiovascular mortalitya

Fourth Quartile Cystatin C (>1.22) versus First Quartile (<0.93)Fourth Quartile eGFR (<60.17) versus First Quartile (>81.4)
P ValueHR95% CIP ValueHR95% CI
Unadjusted<0.0013.302.66 to 4.10<0.0012.081.70 to 2.55
Age, gender, race adjusted<0.0012.121.69 to 2.670.0021.411.14 to 1.75
Fully adjustedb<0.0011.691.33 to 2.150.0071.361.09 to 1.70
  • a HR, hazard ratio; CI, confidence interval.

  • b Adjusted for weight, kilocalories of physical activity, diabetes, smoking status, systolic BP, diastolic BP, carotid IMT, AAI, CRP, WBC, hemoglobin, cognitive status (3MSE), and FEV1.