Table 7.

Bias, precision, and accuracy of creatinine and cystatin C estimates in male patients (n = 79)a

BiasPrecisionAccuracy % Within
Measured values
    creatinine clearance3.714.43473
Estimates using creatinine
    abbreviated MDRD−9.613.52576
    original MDRD−11.312.51971
Estimates using cystatin C
    Le Bricon−5.311.84289
  • a Bias was defined as the mean difference between mea-sured (

  • 99 Tc-DTPA) and estimated GFR; precision was defined as the SD of the difference between measured (

  • 99 Tc-DTPA) and estimated GFR. Both precision and bias were expressed as ml/min per 1.73 m

  • 2 ; accuracy was defined as the proportion of values that were within 10 or 30% of the measured (

  • 99 Tc-DTPA) GFR.