Table 1.

Ratio of PCX to podocyte number in urine sediments and isolated glomerulia

PCX ContentNo. of PodocytesPCX/Podocyte
Isolated glomerulib170.0–350.0 μg49,440,000–77,600,000 podocytes4.0 ± 0.35 pg/podocyte
Urinary sedimentsc3.6–321.0 ng/ml0.5–43.0 podocytes/ml16.1 ± 4.1 ng/podocyted
  • a Data are expressed as means ± SEM. PCX, podocalyxin.

  • b From three kidneys.

  • c From 15 cases with IgA nephropathy (IgAN), Henoch-Schoenlein purpura nephritis (HSPN), and lupus nephritis (LN).

  • d P < 0.01 versus isolated glomeruli.