Table 6.

Odds for high CADI scores in donor biopsies and at 6 mo and odds for a ΔCADI >1

Odds Ratio95% Confidence Interval
Odds for high CADI score at transplantation
    donor age, for 1-yr increase1.071.01–1.14
    nontraumatic donor cause of death3.891.13–13.33
Odds for high CADI score at 6 mo
    CADI score in donor biopsies3.821.19–12.21
    donor age, for 1-yr increase1.051.01–1.10
    HLA-AB mismatches, for 1-unit increase2.361.09–5.10
Odds for a ΔCADI >1
    %gs at transplantation, for 1% increase1.101.02–1.19
    serum creatinine at hospital discharge, for 1-μmol/L increase1.011.00–1.02