Table 2.

Logistic regression models examining the odds of dialysis vascular access thrombosis associated with the presence of any thrombophilic disordera

ModelOdds Ratio95% Confidence IntervalP Value
Unadjusted1.911.23 to 2.980.004
    Factor XIII1.931.24 to 3.020.004
    Factor XIII, age, gender, diabetes, access (graft versus fistula)2.121.31 to 3.430.002
    Factor XIII, age, gender, diabetes, dialysis access type (graft vs fistula), time with dialysis access, ACE inhibitor use, warfarin use, any B-vitamin or folic acid use, location of dialysis access (lower arm, upper arm, or leg), previous dialysis access created but never functioned, dialysis access angiogram performed, hemoglobin, albumin, and urea reduction ratio2.421.47 to 3.990.001
  • a Any thrombophilic disorder was defined as follows: The presence of factor V Leiden, prothrombin gene mutation, or lupus anticoagulant; factor VIII level >90th percentile (>237 IU/dl); homocysteine ≥85th percentile (≥28.9 μmol/L); lipoprotein (a) ≥85th percentile (≥46.0 mg/dl); or anticardiolipin antibody level (IgG or IgM) ≥30 U/ml.