Table 2.

Comparison of carotid and superficial femoral artery dimensionsa

CCA IMT (mm)0.39 ±0.04c,d,e0.44 ±0.06b,d0.48 ±0.05b,c,e0.43 ±0.05b,d
    SDS0.03 ±1.0c,d,e1.3 ±1.7b,d3.1 ±2b,c,e1.0 ±1.2b,d
CCA WCSA (mm2)6.6 ±1c,d,e7.7 ±1.9b,d9.2 ±1.6b,c,e8.2 ±1.4b,d
    SDS0.0 ±1.0c,d,e1. ±1.5b,d2.6 ±1.3b,c,e1.73 ±1.48b,d
Systolic CCA diameter (mm)5.9 ±0.5d,e6.0 ±0.6d,e6.5 ±0.8b,c6.4 ±0.9b,d
    SDS0.0 ±1.0d,e0.18 ±1.20d,e1.17 ±1.28b,c0.90 ±1.61b,d
Diastolic CCA diameter (mm)4.9 ±0.5d,e5.1 ±0.5d,e5.7 ±0.7b,c5.5 ±0.8b,d
    SDS0.01 ±1.0d,e0.36 ±1.16d,e1.52 ±1.49b,c1.16 ±1.78b,d
CCA LCSA (mm2)19.2 ±3.7d,e20.4 ±5.2d,e25.4 ±6.9b,c25.4 ±7.0b,d
    SDS0.01 ±1.0d,e0.36 ±1.16d,e1.52 ±1.49b,c1.16 ±1.78b,d
CCA WCSA/CCA LCSA0.35 ±0.05c,d0.38 ±0.05e0.37 ±0.050.35 ±0.04
Femoral artery IMT (mm)0.33 ±0.06c,d0.36 ±0.07b0.37 ±0.05b0.35 ±0.05
    SDS0.06 ±1.1c,d1.2 ±2b1.44 ±1.9b,e0.7 ±1.4d
  • a Data are given as mean ± SD of both absolute values and SDS relative to healthy control subjects (see the Materials and Methods section). Superscript letters denote statistical significant differences at 5% error level between groups:

  • b significant difference from control group,

  • c from CKD,

  • d from dialysis, and

  • e from Rtx group.

  • CCA, common carotid artery; IMT, intima-media thickness; WCSA, wall cross-sectional area; LCSA, luminal cross-sectional area.