Table 2.

Multipoint LOD scores in VUR families

Average eLODLOD1p13LOD3p12LOD 6p21LOD 6p21LOD 10q24LOD 10q26LOD 19q13
Candidate gene?ROBO2HLACDC5LPAX2?USF2
cM location144 to 164108456612516559
K 1080.63−0.60.380.440.29−0.740.110.43
K 1100.95−0.38−1.33−1.05−0.03−0.440.16−0.21
K 1141.19−0.18−0.48−0.56−0.26−1.48−0.52−0.23
K 1161.56−0.96−2.56−1.6−1.44−1.23−0.55−1.25
K 1173.35−1.43−1.59−1.24−1.86−0.53−1.36−0.76
K 1180.51−0.59−1.5−0.57−0.630.4−0.330.07
K 1191.30.96−1.06−0.110.09−0.41−0.64−0.11
Total LOD (α = 100%)9.49−3.18−8.14−4.69−3.84−4.43−3.13−2.06
HLOD (α = 50%)3.45−0.46−1.37−0.96−0.69−1.06−0.86−0.45
Nonparametric LOD8.150.740.020.010.310.060.290.06
  • Expected LOD (eLOD) for individual kindreds were obtained based on affected-only analysis with 1000 simulations, assuming homogeneity. On chr01, LOD scores shown were obtained at the location with maximized HLOD (D1S1653, 164 cM). VUR indicates vesicoureteral reflux; HLOD, heterogeneity LOD.