Table 4.

Cohort characteristics, by transplant statusa

CharacteristicNontransplant Groupb(n = 682)Transplant Groupc(n = 144)P Value
Median age (yr)61.845.4<0.0005
Race (%)0.03
Female gender (%)48.836.80.009
Dialysis modality (%)<0.0005
Cause of renal disease (%)<0.0005
ICED comorbidity score (%)<0.0005
    level 0–128.956.9
    level 239.825.7
    level 331.217.4
CVD (%)47.020.8<0.0005
Diabetes (%)56.437.5<0.0005
Median Lp(a) level (nmol/L)54.445.00.06
Median apo(a) size24250.36
  • a ICED, Index of Co-Existent Disease.

  • b Those who remained under active or passive follow-up until administrative censoring or death.

  • c Those who remained under follow-up until transplantation.